Heartmind Medicine

Holistic Ketamine Treatment & Integrative Care in Denver, Colorado

The Beginning

Welcome to Heartmind Medicine, where we prioritize synergy of heart and mind, with emphasis on Heart. 

Founded in Denver, Colorado, by Brent Jaster, MD, our mission is holistic healing. Dr. Jaster is a board certified physician and certified Ketamine provider.

Why Choose Heartmind Medicine?

Benefits are likely if you:

  • Tried various medications/clinics to improve depression or your general state of mind, but with little sustained success
  • Succeed on the surface, but you do not feel fulfilled
  • Feel emotionally stuck, sad, unfocused, overwhelmed, or anxious…
  • Have a history of mental health challenges in your family lineage, and coping strategies that have proven ineffective …
  • Experienced past trauma that affects your present life…
  • Overthink things, overrule your intuition and heart with logical thinking, and make decisions based on what you “should” do…
  • Are a sensitive person, or challenged by sensory input that can overwhelm your system…
  • Struggle to fall asleep, or wake up prematurely full of thoughts and/or anxiety…
  • Seek meaning or purpose, or are trying to live life with more heart, soul, and/or spirit…

Integrative Therapeutic Solutions

Holistic Ketamine Treatment

Transform your mental health for the better with our unique approach to Holistic Ketamine Treatment and Integration.

Mental Health & Wellness

Our clinic is uniquely tailored to foster meaningful connection to you as an individual, and serve your mental health needs to the fullest.


Combat depression effectively with our specialized Ketamine Treatments, tailored to target even treatment-resistant cases.


Ketamine can lessen anxiety with one session. Feel more connected and grounded, with less rigid thinking that can wreak havoc in your life.

Physical Wellness

With 20+ years as a physician, Brent Jaster, MD, founder and lead physician, provides attentive health and care facilitation, with prevention as the focus to promote thriving.

Psychedelic Medicine

Guided by cutting-edge research and compassionate care, we offer a safe and supportive environment for exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.


Find improvements with attention deficit (ADD/ADHD) at our clinic. Our evidence-based Sound Therapy protocols, including the Safe & Sound Protocol and Unyte Focus, complement our approach, guiding you toward a path of healing.

Recovery (Alcohol/Drug Misuse & Dependence)

If you are in recovery, and committed to this path, Ketamine may support you on your journey. Psychedelic medicines like Ketamine stand out as a powerful, effective solution for many people with past substance dependence.