Heartmind Medicine

Ketamine Treatment in Denver, Colorado

The Beginning

Heartmind Medicine materialized from the acceptance that we cannot live life disconnected from Heart, and allow intellectual/logical brains to overrule intuition and an innate desire to find meaning/purpose.

Various innovative and powerful tools enhance mental, emotional, and existential/spiritual health and wellness.

Living life with Heart, soul, spirit, purpose, or meaning, and with less negative emotions 
is possible if you are ready to invest in your long-term happiness.


Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Research supports ketamine as safe, highly effective (and often a breakthrough) medicine to improve various symptoms and conditions.

Neurofeedback Therapy

A safe, non-invasive, often life-changing way to train your brain, with a neurotherapist, or at home with a personally designed protocol.

Brain Map

A brain map can greatly reduce therapy sessions you might otherwise need. A treasure trove of signs to guide and expedite your healing.


Why Choose Heartmind Medicine?

Benefits are likely if you:

  • Tried various medications/clinics to improve depression or your general state of mind, but with little sustained success
  • Succeed on the surface, but you do not feel fulfilled
  • Feel emotionally stuck, sad, unfocused, overwhelmed, or anxious…
  • Have a history of mental health challenges in your family lineage, and poor coping strategies…
  • Experienced past trauma that affects your present life…
  • Overthink things, overrule your intuition and heart with logical thinking, and make decisions based on what you “should” do…
  • Are a sensitive person, or challenged by sensory input that can overwhelm your system?…
  • Struggle to fall asleep, or wake up prematurely full of thoughts and/or anxiety…
  • Seek meaning or purpose, or trying to live life with more heart, soul, and/or spirit…