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Promote health/health care equity with our Support Fund. Thank you for donating generously.


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*For people with the ability to pay ABOVE the listed price, we request that you do so to allow others with financial challenges to access life-changing treatments.

  1. Enter the amount of your payment / donation.
  2. Click the “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” button.
  3. A new browser tab will open and send you to a secure PayJunction payment portal.

Please call us at 844.327.8351 with any questions. Thank you!

We recognize Social Determinants of Health, and that differing privilege and forms of discrimination exist in our society. These variables impact people’s access to quality education, high-paying jobs, affordable housing, healthy food, etc. All of which affect one’s financial resources directly or indirectly. Thank you for donating to our Support Fund to promote Health / Health Care Equity!