Brent Jaster, MD

Brent Jaster, MD, FAAFP

Brent Jaster MD, graduated from Dartmouth Medical School, and enjoys helping others, particularly men, achieve emotional, mental, and physical health. Personal growth/spiritual health, however defined, are foundational to his approach to holistic health.

Dr. Jaster believes passionately in the power of psychedelic / entheogenic medicine (to induce a non-ordinary state of  consciousness), neurofeedbacksound as therapybrain mapping and that which helps resolve past trauma/unhealthy patterns through enhanced neuroplasticity (changeable brains). We all have some trauma, and getting to the root of a problem brings true resolution.

Brent uses lifestyle medicine, integrative holistic medicine, an open-mind, and creativity to help people help themselves. He is a facilitator of health on your individual path. Focus areas include mental and emotional wellness, sleep, and helping people understand the link between mental wellness and physical symptoms.

In addition, Dr. Jaster utilizes and understands the power of of groups to deepen self-understanding and enhance health and healing.

Brent’s appreciation for diversity, inclusion, culture and equity emerged in 9th grade (SF Bay Area), meeting profound strangers (of color) during his travels and hanging out with his dad’s pro baseball teams for many months of his life. Immense personal growth comes from his children and interpersonal relationships. Influential moments in life include: a semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia; a 200-hour yoga teacher training; 6 weeks of volunteering on Patch Adams’s land in WV; and trainings in Entheogenic (Psychedelic) Medicine. 

Medical training and career highlights include:

  • Co-authoring 2 editions of the Nutrition Guide for Clinicians–free on-line version at NutritionMD.org
  • Board Certifications: Integrative Holistic Medicine and Family Medicine
  • Nationally-recognized expertise as a speaker and consultant for Shared Medical Appointment implementation.