Brain Map

Brain Map (qEEG)

Heartmind Medicine offers access to a powerful tool that can save money and provide profound insight into your brain function. A brain map or quantitative EEG can recognize patterns that when validated by the client’s experience can accelerate progress with a therapist, or neurofeedback provider, instead of meeting weekly for months, in many cases.

We recommend a brain map for all clients, as sometimes the challenges a client experiences in their emotional health is situational/environmental, and not innate to their brain’s function. Without a brain map, it may only be after several neurofeedback sessions, without improvement of symptoms, that this information is otherwise considered.

The qEEG or Brain Map is a personal snapshot of various brain traits — Rigid, Disorganized, and Flexible — in specific brain regions. Flexible is the preferred state of mind, and the brain can change due to neuroplasticity, aided by therapies like ketamine, sound therapy, and neurofeedback.

While not diagnostic, the abnormal patterns (influenced by core emotional experiences, including traumas) seen on the brain map give clues as to what neurofeedback style and protocol would be most helpful to a person. And follow-up brain maps show the progress and remaining areas of the brain to target, in order to optimize the impact of neurofeedback and complementary or synergistic therapies like ketamine assisted therapy and/or sound therapy.

We use an outside clinic, currently, for our brain maps. Please call us to inquire and facilitate scheduling your personal brain map on the path to optimal brain function.


“Numerous clients think I am a magician or have superpowers when I use their personal brain map to guide questions about their past relationships and experiences. We can decrease the time that is normally needed to get to core issues through talk therapy”
-Marriage and Family Therapist, qEEG Specialist