Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy for Relaxation, Releasing Trauma, Performance

Trauma Protocols

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), developed by Stephen Porges PhD (Polyvagal Theory), has been shown to help people move past trauma.

Variations of the SSP, developed by Ana Do Valle OTR SEP, in Boulder CO, incorporate art therapy elements and have had profound impacts on a variety of client concerns.

Sensory Processing Differences (Disorder) and Highly Sensitive People  

Unyte / Integrated Listening Systems protocols that downregulate the nervous system and help sensitive individuals to function better in activities of daily life.

Sleep Enhancement and Anxiety

Unyte / Integrated Listening Systems protocols that calm the nervous system and help people sleep and perform activities of daily life with more resilience and less anxiety and feelings of stress.

Attention / Focus

Unyte / Integrated Listening Systems protocols that help decrease “noise” and distraction allow people to focus better in their activities of daily life and decrease feelings of overwhelm, and procrastination.


“Sound is the most important tool that unravels consciousness, and we can do so much with it! This is why music is the most indispensable art. It’s all about entrainment…”

Alexandre Tannous MA
Musician, educator, composer, & ethnomusicologist

It's the Music

Sound, and more specifically sound waves / frequencies can be heard and felt through the ears, bone conduction, and soft tissues to create powerful experiences.

Research supports certain types of sound or music impacting our nervous systems in  therapeutic ways, or untherapeutic ways.

We use music as medicine — a medical therapy with research and protocols to aid health and healing. And we support the continued learning of the power of sound, and when combined with movement.


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