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A key component of Heartmind Medicine is the support provided to clients when integrating their healing sessions. A therapist, counselor, guide, healer, coach, doctor or group of peers will provide a supportive “container” to enhance your personal growth, understanding of “self”, and sense of purpose.

Finding meaning and new perspective is common when the mind is supported, trained, and quieted; connection to the Heart prevails.

Existential, unifying, even spiritual or religious, clarity may occur, especially with ketamine. Your physician and/or therapist will support your active sessions, and the integration of your experience will be scheduled within 72 hours in most cases. This ensures appropriate support for your individual process.

Guidance services include:

Individual Therapy / Counseling

Therapy / Counseling with Peers (Facilitated by a physician and/or therapist)


Existential (or Spiritual) Guide

Spiritual Healing

*See video featuring Roger

Spiritual / Existential / Life Guidance

Coma Cases

Facilitated Exploration of Heartmind

    -Help understand your purpose and identify meaning.

Ontological Coaching

Spiritual Healings


*Reclaim, define, design, ignite what feeds you…

Trained therapists support people undergoing ketamine assisted therapy and sound therapy protocols, and facilitate integration groups.

“When the mind rules
the heart that is the
definition of insanity”

-Roger La Borde

The Importance of Integration

While generally safe, ketamine, neurofeedback, and sound therapy may trigger emotions, memories and/or prior traumas. Visual experience with ketamine may be confusing or occasionally scary, especially when you cannot immediately seek reassurance from your physician and/or therapist.

Integration of the experience in the moment, or in the near future, is critical for the positive therapeutic benefit of the therapies. Many facilities leave a person alone in their experience during and after, or believe privacy is a substitute for therapy.

At Heartmind Medicine we provide many types of support that promote optimal integration of the therapies, and growth at various levels. We will help you choose the best support for your work and healing with us, with emphasis on healing the Heart and supporting its continued opening.


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