What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive (no electricity is applied), powerful and effective type of biofeedback that monitors the brain in real time, and then gives that information back to the client through visual, auditory and/or tactile feedback. The brain adapts its brainwaves to more appropriate patterns to improve targeted symptoms and patterns. Simply, neurofeedback lets a person learn from, and train (“rewire”) their/her/his own brain to function more efficiently.

Neurofeedback can ease symptoms related to poor sleep, depression/anxiety, trauma, focus/attention deficit, or a blend of symptoms. Neurofeedback research supports potential improvement of symptoms for pain (including neuropathy); headaches/migraines and neurologic conditions like Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS); and more.

We offer 15-minute, free, introductory virtual appointments with our Senior Neurotherapist, Rosemarie Schild, to answer questions. Call us at 844.327.8351 to schedule your informational session and take a step toward a life-changing therapy for many.

Infralow frequency neurofeedback is highly effective, and utilized in person with a highly trained neurotherapist. Protocols are adjusted in real time to achieve the desired effect, and more settings to optimize mental, emotional, and physical health are available in person, in comparison to the personalized Myndlift protocols used at home.

Convenient, flexible, effective and the most economical neurofeedback at Heartmind Medicine still comes with personalized settings, and an individualized care plan, based on your brain map.

Myndlift is an at-home neurofeedback option. Choose your frequency of sessions, with budget in mind, and follow-up 1-2 times monthly (phone/video call) with your neurotherapist to ensure maximal benefit.

Clients may reach their desired level of improvement with this method alone. If they have not quite reached their improvement goals they may decide to work 1-on-1, in person, with a neurotherapist to achieve even greater gains.

Neurofeedback settings based on a brain map likely give even greater benefit, and in a shorter time period.

Neurofeedback is a reputable and scientifically proven technique practiced by uniquely trained neurotherapists, but not all neurofeedback is equal.

At Heartmind Medicine, Rosemarie Schild, will help you optimize your mental/emotional health, wellness and performance with a personalized , safe, and appropriate form of neurofeedback. Be wary of locations that treat all people with the same protocol, or do not directly choose or supervise the neurofeedback sessions. With very high success rates and often dramatic improvements, clients will also appreciate Rosemarie’s medical knowledge, passion for neuroscience, and her warm personality that encourages healing.

Call to schedule your free 15-minute introductory virtual appointment with our Senior Neurotherapist, Rosemarie Schild. Neurofeedback–a life-changing therapy for many.

“Rosemarie Schild is dedicated, extremely knowledgeable, and compassionate. Her role as the guide [during neurofeedback] is vital to its function. I owe Rosemarie and her practice of neurofeedback a debt of gratitude.”

Rosemarie offers 15-minute, free, introductory virtual appointments to answer questions and introduce herself.

Call us at 844.327.8351 to schedule your informational session.

We look forward to serving you and your loved ones.

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Multiple forms of neurofeedback exist and have shown to be effective in research. At Heartmind Medicine we provide various options that best fit your budget and preferences.

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