We All Have Trauma. Does it Hold You Back?

Blurry image of person walking on city sidewalk with umbrella on rainy day

Recently, I watched a compelling film The Wisdom of Trauma, and saw the epidemic of people suffering poor mental health and wellness. While not a new idea to me, it took many years of life to understand that trauma need not be horrific to have a long-term and profound impact. Gabor Mate’ explains, and exemplifies through real world examples, the wound is not about a specific negative event, but that people are not supported adequately to navigate trauma, until some resolution is felt. Humans have endured horrible and disgusting traumas, yet after opportunity to heal, often they move past the emotional, mental, and/or physical pain, and claim available insight, if not wisdom.

Sometimes it is the realization that generational trauma is being passed through a lineage, through an era, and diminishing mental health and mental wellness. The insight is required to break the cycle. Often we realize that societal pressures suppress emotion – “Don’t be a baby.” “Be a man.” “You are so sensitive.” Unexpressed emotion usually comes out destructively, or through acts of coping that create more desperation – alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other addictions.

Whether you have experienced despicable trauma, hold onto shame from early childhood, struggle with secure attachment, or are held back by any other variety of unresolved emotions, you can progress on the healing path.

At LIFE Medicine we explore the root causes of symptoms, and suggest tools and opportunities to find resolution. Heartmind Medicine utilizes some life-changing mechanisms, such as: Sound Therapy to improve your sense of safety; Ketamine to help break the cycle of negative thought loops and lessons that repeat in your life; and Neurofeedback to assist your brain to construct healthier networks.

You are not alone, and support is available.

Photo by Matteo Catanese on Unsplash