The Advent of Heartmind Medicine

The advent of Heartmind Medicine begins with a shaman. Not the traditional/popularized shaman in South America, which has its rightful place as a sacred healer with rich history, lineage and attunement to plant and spirit medicines. This shaman hit a home run off Nolan Ryan in high school, lives in the suburbs, and would not catch your attention merely walking down the street. Yes, he has Indigenous blood, and sat with religious and spiritual leaders around the world for nearly 3 decades. That’s Incredible featured his work with comatose people in the 1990s, perhaps due to his unique brain waves, and paradoxical superpowers—he impacts those he works with in deep, life-changing ways, yet his medicine is subtle or not even noticeable to many. He is humble, fallible, and even seeks out integrative medicine for his own ailments.

Roger will tell you:

-When the heart and mind are not connected, that is the definition of insanity.

-Stop “shoulding” on yourself.

-I am willing to serve, how may I best do that?

-If you begin to work with me, know that your life will likely change in profound, yet unpredictable ways—like divorce, career changes, etc.

After sitting with Roger for many hours, over a few days, in his suburban basement, circa 2010, the name HeartMindMedicine came to me. Roger responded with an affirmation, yet reminded me, Heartmind–Big H and little m. While connection between the two is critical, Heart must rule the mind.

It has been a decade in the works, with much upheaval, resistance, and difficulty getting out of my head, but the launch of Heartmind Medicine begins in 2021, with timely relevance to the state of Heart and state of mind for the masses. Neurofeedback varieties, Entheogenic Medicine (altered states of consciousness), Sound Therapies, Brain Maps, and more to feed the Heart and ease the mind. Feel better, perform better, resolve trauma, grow and connect to greater community and greater purpose and fulfillment.

Join us!