The Natural Medicine Health Act of 2022: Are Psilocybin, DMT, Mescaline, Psilocin, and Ibogaine Legal in Colorado?

With the recent approval of the Natural Medicine Health Act, or Prop 122, the possibilities for mental health and end-of-life treatments in Colorado are multiplying.


This measure being approved enacts a handful of key changes to the state’s law that work together to bring Coloradans, and all Americans, closer to a country where natural medicine is not made criminal.


There have been studies and clinical trials showing the effectiveness of Natural Medicine for mental health disorders. In  2021 a clinical trial done by the New England Journal of Medicine showed psilocybin to have nearly the same effect on symptoms of depression after a 6-week period as the antidepressant medication, Escitalopram. 


Antidepressants and other traditional mental health treatments do not work for everyone. In fact, one-third of patients suffering from depression do not get the relief they need from traditional antidepressant medications. 


It is high time that we, as a country and world, begin to decriminalize natural substances that can be used for the betterment of our collective health.

What Does The Natural Medicine Health Act Involve?

The Natural Medicine Health Act features a number of complementary regulations designed to provide new and useful treatment options for mental health and palliative care. 


These regulations include:


  • Ensuring and verifying that participants complete preparation, administration, and integration sessions as a part of the treatment
  • Providing educational materials to participants on the substances they will be given
  • Proper supervision of the participants by facilitators and transportation after the sessions
  • Providing licensure for the purpose of testing the Natural Medicines before they are administered

And many, many more. All of these regulations are being prepared to ensure the health and safety of patients, participants, and the public when these treatments become available in Colorado. For the full breakdown of these regulations (which are still being created and will be finalized before these substances are used in the treatment) read the Act here: https://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections/Initiatives/titleBoard/filings/2021-2022/58Final.pdf

Regulation of Psilocybin, DMT, Mescaline, Psilocin, and Ibogaine in Colorado

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Some may be concerned about what these changes will look like in Colorado and how these powerful substances will be regulated, now that they are being decriminalized.


One of the main priorities of the Natural Medicine Health Act is to make access to Natural Medicines outlined in the new Act as regulated and safe as possible. 


There is a mandatory process involved in getting access to these medicines.


The prerequisite requirements for receiving these treatments are as follows:


  • The patient must be at least 21 years of age.
  • The treatment must be prescribed and administered by a licensed treatment facility or personnel.
  • The patient must be prescribed these treatments for mental health or palliative care.
  • These medicines will be distributed to the facilities providing care and through them, those who are prescribed these natural medicines can receive them and consume them on-site. This act is for medicinal, not recreational use.
  • There is a screening process for those receiving these medicines involving mental health, why the patient is there and whether this method of treatment is a good therapeutic fit for the patient.

Protection for/Exclusion of Peyote in Colorado Natural Medicine Health Act

At Heartmind Medicine we believe in the conservation and protection of Indigenous plants, animals, and the sacred rituals passed down by Indigenous Peoples. We could not have supported Prop 122 if it did not exclude Peyote, a vulnerable type of cactus common in Mexico and parts of the Southwestern US. We ask that everyone seeking access to medicines used historically by Indigenous Peoples to go through proper channels, and get appropriate permissions, and/or guidance from keepers of these Indigenous medicines. Thank you.

For more information, see the resources linked below!



What are your thoughts on the Natural Medicine Health Act being approved in Colorado?


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